Autism writing apps

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10 Great iPad Apps for Students on the Autism Spectrum

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Smart Apps Changing the Game for Parents of Children with Autism

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10 mobile Apps to help individuals on the Autism spectrum 2018 Edition

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For children and adults alike, Talking Tablets support people with a range of disabilities such as autism, aphasia, dysarthria, dyspraxia, cerebral palsy, and those recovering from a stroke.

Developed for the Android platform, the TalkingTablet is supplied on 10 inch tablets and offers a wide range of symbol solutions or text writing with human spoken voicing for the user, or a carer or family. What apps can help kids with reading, writing, math, attention and other issues?

Our partner Common Sense Media shares ideas for new apps, just in time for the holidays. 16 rows · Autism Apps Do you have a favorite autism app you'd like to add to this list? Please email a brief description of the app, including the platform, cost, age group, price, any related research, and a link to [email protected] and we would be happy to share your recommendation with the Autism Speaks community!

Apps to Help Students With Dysgraphia and Writing Difficulties Posted By regina in Helpful Tips Technology can be a great tool for students (and adults!) who have learning disabilities like dysgraphia or dyslexia that affect their written expression.

Autism and Writing The first question we should ask is if there is an "autistic" way of writing. Normally, I would reject the notion that autistic writers differ from their peers, but there is a limited amount of scholarship suggesting otherwise.

Below we will take a look at what autism is, some of the most highly recommended apps for children with autism and how they can help them learn and grow. In this article, we cover applications to assist with communication, scheduling, behavioral, social and life skills.

Autism writing apps
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