Db file parallel write ask tommy

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control file parallel write wait event

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The reason so many of us ask about putting a standby database on the same server as the primary database, is that it is homework for Oracle DB Admin courses, which require the creation of a standby DB, and most of us only have access to a single system. Nov 30,  · Visual Studio makes it easier to write and debug asynchronous code.

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If asynchronous I/O is available, then the db file asynch I/O submit wait event captures any time spent in submitting I/Os to the underlying storage. When asynchronous I/O is not available, db file parallel write captures the time spent during submit and reap.

The PivotTable works locally on a PC, but when I then upload that Excel file to SharePoint, I'd like to be able to refresh it online, without opening in Excel locally.

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Ask The Oracle Masters. Search. Recently Answered All Questions. I will be using same version of Oracle database in target DB as well.I have multiple schema in source database and in total it will be Join (or equivalent) a collection to a table. Ask TOM version Built with .

Db file parallel write ask tommy
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db file parallel write