Fusermount user has no write access to mountpoint

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sshfs(1) - Linux man page

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If you have more than one account, you can run use following command. $ google-drive-ocamlfuse -label label [mountpoint] The label options is used to distinguish different accounts under directory ~/.gdfuse/label to host configuration, application state, and file cache.

mounting sshfs [[email protected]]host:[dir] mountpoint [options] unmounting fusermount-u mountpoint DESCRIPTION SSHFS (Secure SHell FileSystem) is a file system for Linux (and other operating systems with a FUSE implementation, such as Mac OS X or FreeBSD) capable of operating on files on a remote computer using just a secure shell login on the remote.

Combining Directories on a Single Mountpoint with SSHFS-MUX

The user can only mount on a mountpoint, for which it has write permission 2. The mountpoint is not a sticky directory which isn't owned by the user (like /tmp usually is) 3. No other user (including root) can access the contents of the mounted filesystem.

Alerts warn about vulnerabilities, incidents, and other security issues that pose a significant risk. fusermount-u path / to / mountpoint If the mount is busy, Linux users can use the --lazy (-z) flag. There exists a convenience action acd_cli umount that unmounts all .

Fusermount user has no write access to mountpoint
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