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Thailand Travel Tips

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The most common accident in Thailand has to be scooter or moped-related. What most people don’t realize is that even if you have travel insurance, if you don’t have a valid motorcycle license from back home, most policies won’t cover you so make sure you look into this before your trip.

Thailand travel is also about food as Thai foods are popular around the globe. From luxurious restaurants to street food, which is said to be the best on the planet, you can choose to dine anywhere and anytime.

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Visit Thailand once and you will fall for Thailand attractions and its charm. This is why the country is always among the top of.

Thailand Travel: Your Complete Guide

update: I originally wrote this post intraveling in Thailand on a shoestring. I returned this year with a bigger budget, spending more on accommodation and transport, though some categories, like food, have remained the same. Here's how to plan the best possible trip to Thailand's culture-rich capital.

Near Sukhothai, this small Thai village is welcoming visitors for bike tours, souvenir stops, and. Thailand conjures images of white sand beaches and cerulean waters, peaceful temples, and lush mountain jungles. In Bangkok, a 21st-century playground, the scent of spicy street food fills the air.

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Travel thailand
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Thailand Travel Tips: A Complete Guide to the Country