Using a tape recorder to write a novel

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Trying a digital voice recorder to help write my novel

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Agenda 11, at 4: I have used voice recognition software and still use it from different to time when my carpal busy acts up. Connect a microphone to your computer; type “Sound Recorder” in your Start menu, you’re ready to record using your Windows Sound recorder.

Computer. 11 thoughts on “ Digital Voice Recorder Recommendations ” Sean Chercover July 14, at pm. I’ve been using the Olympus WSM for a while and I love it. Good sensitivity, stereo recording, small size, plenty of memory, nice USB connector (and it can double as a flash drive if you find yourself somewhere without one).

Jan 02,  · With my recorder, I can record ideas or scenes for my latest work in progress during these times when a computer or notepad aren’t nearby.

Since my hands will be busy in many of these cases, I plan to use a strap to attach the recorder to my arm like runners do with their music players.

Jul 12,  · I decided to attach my digital recorder to an old headset microphone that can not be connected to the recorder as it is a USB headset. As you can. Use a service like where you can do the recording direct over the internet.

They then return a typed file for you to edit. Speech to text software. Mar 11,  · Katie was able to dictate 25, words in three days, using a voice recorder and then typing the results. My numbers were lower than Katie’s, but still pretty good for supplementary writing.

I averaged about 1, words in only minutes before I needed to run off and do a .

Using a tape recorder to write a novel
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Trying a digital voice recorder to help write my novel | Into Another World