Write a batch file to map network drives in ubuntu

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How To Create A Windows Batch File To Map Multiple Drives At Once

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Manual command for batch file to map network drive?

Jul 31,  · 1. General. What is Hadoop?

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@InterLinked WinSCP does not have to be installed. All you need is to store the executable along with the batch file - And you are right, you would need a script with " lines of code" (or more) to solve this without dependencies - Do you really expect anyone to write this for you?

Another way is to use the file browser to connect to a network location. Then it is mounted under ~/.gvfs From there, you can mkdir ~/winbox and then ln. This simple tutorial shows you how to map a network drive, Windows share as example, onto Ubuntu LTS with read and write permission permanently.

All things will be done in a terminal window. Not familiar with Linux command?

Write a batch file to map network drives in ubuntu
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